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What we do?

At Canberra Physiotherapy Centre, we provide Canberra physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy and gym-based programs.
Our experienced team uses the highest quality evidence-based treatment approach to help you recover faster with longer lasting results.
With over 35+ years of experience, Canberra Physiotherapy Centre has the finest team of physiotherapists in Canberra providing high-quality proven services in Canberra physio, sports physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, gym-based programs, and expert psychologists in Canberra.

We make sure that you get the best quality services and various levels of rehabilitation treatments through a holistic approach for your injuries and pain management specific to your individual goals and needs.

Physiotherapy Services

Our holistic physiotherapy services in Canberra involve a careful assessment of patients with various scales of pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. Whether you are a professional athlete or ardent gym-goer or garden gnome, our team of physiotherapists in Canberra and psychologists will carefully check and assess your issues using various ranges of modalities to identify your problem and frame in the right set of treatments and rehabilitation programs to get you back to your normal self in your top natural form improving overall health and well-being. This mainly includes massaging, joint mobilization, muscle stretching, joint modification, heat, hydrotherapy, electrophysical stimulation, and other evidence-based sources to help revive faster to your normal self with long-lasting results.

Canberra Physiotherapy Centre offers both outpatient and inpatient services. We can help you with various kinds of injuries, pain management, and mental conditions including Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Shoulder pain, Jaw pain
Sports injuries, Children/adolescent problems, Joint problems.

Whether you are looking for efficient physiotherapy services/treatments near your work or home, we are one of the longest and most trusted Canberra Physio clinics continuing to share 35+years of experience and knowledge with the Canberra community.

From your very first call to your final check–out for treatments, our friendly team makes sure that you have a positive experience throughout your visit to our center.

Contact us to learn how we can help with your injury, pain management and other rehabilitation needs to help you lead a better, happier healthier life.

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